Webpages Through Email

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Webpages Through Email

webpages through email - unblock sites

Imagine that there is a website on which there is some text or content that you want to access. Unfortunately, your college or company or government has set up a firewall or filtering device that has blocked access to it. But you still really want to access the data or content on that website. What do you do?

This is where a fantastic service of accessing webpages via email comes into the picture. All you have to do is simply send the web address that you want to access via email to a predefined email address and a few minutes later the requested web page will be emailed back to you.

Websites that Provide Blocked Webpages Through Email

The most popular websites that allow you to request blocked web pages via email are the following:

  • www4mail (http://www.www4mail.org): To request a web page via email through this website you need to send an email to www4mail@wm.ictp.trieste.it and the subject can be blank and in the body of the email you need to write the requested web page address.
  • Web2Mail (http://www.web2mail.com/): To request a web page via email through this website you need to first register for free on their website and then send an email from the registered email account to www@web2mail.com and in the subject of the email write the URL of the web page that you wish to request.

You can expect unreliable results with both these websites since they are no longer fully supported. I tested both these websites several times while researching this book. While they were working fine sometimes, on some occasions, they simply did not work.For example, to request the web page http://www.samair.ru/proxy/type-01.htm via email using the www4mail website, the following steps need to be followed:

(This requested web page contains a list of proxy servers that can be used to bypass the firewall in your college or company. We will be discussing proxy servers later on in this book. This webpage is normally blocked by your college or company firewall.)

Steps to Unblock Site by Obtaining Webpages Through Email

#1 STEP: Log into your email account and send an email to www4mail@wm.ictp.trieste.it where the subject is left blank and in the body of the email, the requested web page address is written: http://www.samair.ru/proxy/type-01.htm

Webpages through Email - unblock sites

#2 STEP: Wait for a few minutes after which you will receive an email from www4mail. It would be with the requested webpage included as an attachment.

#3 STEP: You can open the attachment to view the contents of the requested webpage. As simple as that! In this case when I open the attachment, the contents of the requested page show up on the screen. Which happens to be a list of proxy servers which can be used to bypass censorship and filtering.

There is recent website trending as well that is names emailtheweb.com. Do try it out as well.

We will discuss proxy servers later on. But until then, try these methods out, and let me know how they worked out in the comments section below.

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