Special URLs to Unblock Websites

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Special URLs to Unblock Websites

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Since we have been talking about bypassing the firewalls and how to unblock websites easily, here is another excellent way.

Sometimes it is possible to thwart the filtering mechanism of your local firewall by using special URLs or web addresses. They are specifically designed with the intention of fooling the firewall into letting you access a blocked website. There is no guarantee that the techniques discussed here would work each and every time. But there is no harm trying them out at least once.

A lot of times, when http://www.facebook.com is blocked by your network administrator; then it is possible to unblock it by typing www.www.www.www.www.www.facebook.com in your browser.

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This would most likely show an SSL certificate error message, which you can ignore and continue to access your blocked website. By typing the additional www’s, it becomes possible to bypass a bunch of different firewalls and blocks. And after you have the website open just like it normally does.

Another technique for fooling some of the firewalls and filtering mechanisms is to type a URL web address like the following:


special urls 2

In this case, the Google page would open along with a warning where it asks if you wished to open facebook. By clicking on it, you would be directed to that page. This is since everything before the @ sign is ignored by the browser.

Note: This might not work for many and on all the browsers.

This is just a simple trial method that does have a 50-50 percent chances to work. Hence, if it doesn’t work, kindly ignore this method. And move to the other blogs to use the other ways to bypass the firewall and blocking mechanism.

Have any other ideas or methods? Let us know in the section below. Also, if you want a solid method to bypass the firewall, go through the previous posts here!



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